What is A Level Education in Bangladesh


The A Level Education in Bangladesh spans primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Primary education is compulsory. A-levels run by the British Council, unlike the HSC programme, are geared towards university students with an emphasis on the Bangladeshi curriculum. Both use a GPA-based grading system for academic evaluation. A Level Education in Bangladesh In Bangladesh, the … Read more

The life of farmer Paragraph for class 6-10 | Easy Paragraph


The life of farmer paragraph: A farmer farms or cultivates land for agricultural production. In any agricultural country farmers play a vital role. He may be rich or poor. A farmer lives in a village. He grows crops and keeps animals. He works Very hard, He gets up early in the morning and begins to … Read more

A tea stall paragraph for all classes 6 to 12 | Easy words


Compose a 100 to 120-word about a tea stall paragraph, incorporating information from the provided questions. 300 Words A tea stall paragraph Water pollution means contamination (দূষণ) of surface and drinking water to the extent that they are harmful to use. Pure water is essential (অত্যাবশ্যক) for health. We cannot think of a day without … Read more