Duties Of A Student Composition for Class 9,10,11,12

Duties Of A Student Composition For Class 9,10,11,12, In this article Student lays the foundation of future which is essential to be passionate about duties. F

rom inculcating good manners to promoting physical fitness and engaging in social services, students play a vital role in shaping a bright future. In this article we will learn about Composition hunting as well as versatile duties.

Duties of a student composition for Class 9, 10 | 250 words essay

Student life is the time for preparation for future life. The future of a student depends on how he utilizes this period of life. 

To ensure a brighter and more successful future, a student has to perform some duties most enthusiastically (উৎসাহপূর্ণভাবে). 

The most important duty of a student is to read, read and read. A student has to acquire the best knowledge of the subjects he reads and makes brilliant results in all exams.

A student has to cultivate the habit of good manners and etiquette. He should be polite, courteous (দ্র) and respectful to the elders and treat the youngers with love and affection (স্নেহ). 

He has to develop the habit of truthfulness, sincerity and honesty and keep himself aloof from bad companions. The next important duty of a student is to build a sound and healthy body. 

He has to take part in games and sports and other physical activities. He has to make himself physically strong so that he may work tirelessly (ক্লান্তিহীনভাবে) for the society in future. A person of ill-health is a liability (বোেঝা) to his society.

Another important duty of a student is to get involved in social services. He should always be sympathetic (সহানুভূতিশীল) and helpful towards the needy and the helpless. 

During disasters (দুর্যোগসমূহ), such as flood and cyclone, he has to extend his helping hand towards the people of the affected area and actively take part in the humanitarian (মানবকল্যাণকর) activities.

To put it in a nutshell (সংক্ষেপে), the duties of a student are those that will help him grow up as a worthy citizen of the country in all respects.

Duties of a student composition essay

As a student there are several responsibilities and duties that you must fulfill to achieve academic success and personal growth. Some of the key duties of a student include:

Attending classes regularly: Regular attendance is essential to keep up with the course material and stay on track with your studies.

Being prepared for classes: You should come to class with all the necessary supplies and materials, such as textbooks, notebooks, and writing utensils.

Completing all homework assignments: Homework is an essential part of the learning process that helps reinforce the concepts taught in class.

Organizing your time well: Effective time management is crucial to balance your academic and personal life.

Respecting yourself and others: You should treat yourself and others with respect and dignity.

Reading on a regular basis: Reading is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

Apart from these duties, students also have several responsibilities towards their school and society. These include:

Maintaining discipline: Students should follow the rules and regulations of their school and maintain discipline in the classroom and on campus.

Participating in activities: Participating in extracurricular activities such as sports, clubs, and community service can help develop leadership skills and build character.

Eradicating illiteracy: Students can help eradicate illiteracy by volunteering to teach underprivileged children or by donating books and other educational materials.

Fighting anti-social activities: Students can play an active role in fighting anti-social activities such as drug abuse, bullying, and violence.

Protecting the environment: Students can contribute to protecting the environment by reducing waste, conserving energy, and promoting sustainable practices.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. As a student, you have the power to shape your future and make a positive impact on society. By fulfilling your duties and responsibilities, you can become a responsible and successful leader.

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