Enmity Often Leads to Death Completing Story

Enmity Often Leads to Death Completing Story for class 7,8,9,10,11,12. Very easy to read and learn. Read now

Enmity Often Leads to Death Completing Story

Once there lived an Antelope, a Hare, a Lemur and an Ostrich in a sub-Saharan forest. They were often disturbed by a Chameleon and an Iguana. the Ostrich sitting in a circle were gossiping. Iguana appeared there on their way friendly gossip. the Chameleon said, “Why One ne day, the Antelope, the Hare, the Lemur and Just then their arch enemies. to a canal in search are to anger them more severely, the Iguana said, you, the ugly cannot succeed on our mission!” Their poignant the Chameleon and the of food. Seeing them such a in su creatures, always on our ways?” And “Whenever we see you the cursed creatures, we comments pierced the hearts of the innocent gossiping friends. 

Extremely angry, and determined to get rid of their enemies eternally the Antelope, the Hare, the Lemur and the Ostrich devised a grave plan. According to their plan, they met a big Python and said, “O Python, very soon you are going to lose your life for Hearing such dreadful speech, the Python in a tremulous t voice asked. “How am I going to die?” The Antelope replied. “The Chameleon and the Iguana in the hope of getting g a a great Extremely prize furious are looking and for 50 some human hunters can kill you for your skin and meat. that determined to eat them, the next morning, well, very early in the morning, the Python in the company of the Antelope, the Hare, the Lemur and the Ostrich reached the abode of the Chameleon and the Iguana and instantly swallowed them one after another.

Enmity Often Leads to Death

In a land torn by strife, two powerful lord. Sir Alden and Lord Draven, are locked in a bitter feud. Their enmity was ancient, rooted in a misunderstanding that spanned generations. Each tried to weaken the other, gathering troops and strengthening their fortresses.

As the years pass, their hatred only grows stronger, consuming them to the point where they can think of nothing but the other’s downfall. They waged war upon war, leaving the country and its people scarred and impoverished.

One fateful night, as the full moon cast a pale light over the battlefield, Sir Alden and Lord Draven found themselves face to face, with no soldiers left to fight. They drew their swords, metal clashing and sparks flying, anger echoing in their hearts.

Hours passed, and the two warriors grew tired, their movements slowed, but neither was willing to give up. As dawn approached, both men, bloodied and scarred, stopped, looking into each other’s eyes, seeing not only the enemy, but the reflection of their own obsession and the devastation it had caused.

In that moment of clarity, they laid down their weapons, realizing that their enmity had brought them to the brink of death, not just for themselves, but for their people and the country they swore to protect. They agreed to a truce, realizing that reconciliation was the only path to healing.

From that day on. Sir Alden and Lord Draven worked together to rebuild what was lost their former hatred replaced by a wary friendship. The land flourished once more, and the people prospered, no longer living in the shadow of war.

Hence, the story of Sir Alden and Lord Draven becomes a cautionary tale, a reminder that enmity often leads to death, but it is never too late to choose life and peace over destruction and despair.

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