Uses and Abuses of Internet Paragraph for all Class

Uses and Abuses of Internet are done. In this era, it is not possible to live without internet. Today’s paragraph about the good and bad of the Internet. Students of all classes can learn this paragraph. It is very simply written.

Uses and Abuses of Internet

The word ‘Internet’ is the abbreviated form of “International Network’. Network after network joining together has created a large dimensioned (বহুমাত্রিক) network throughout the world. 

There is a symbolic meaning of Internet. It is WWW by which we mean World Wide Web. The main objective behind the invention of Internet is to transmit and receive messages quickly. 

Through Internet/Email messages can be sent very quickly in a few seconds. It is the cheapest medium of communication. To send a letter to America one is to spend twenty to thirty taka whereas through Email it will cost 0.50 to 2.50 taka only. 

Its low cost is a threat to the use of Fax. Sitting at home, a man in Bangladesh can study at any library of London. One can read books of his own choice through Internet. 

He can even print some pages of the book on his computer screen. If any man in any country desires, he can read the newspapers and magazines, etc. setting them in his computer. 

Job seekers can easily send their resume and apply to different organizations through Internet. 

Many opportunities can be utilized through Internet such as communicating with foreign doctors, meeting friends and relatives, giving proposal of marriage, shopping, office management, entertainment and many other matters of daily life. 

Darkness behind light and evil behind good is a fact of life. In the same way, some abuses also lurk behind the innumerable (অসংখ্য) uses of Internet. 

The indecency (অশোভনতা) and pornography, the forbidden world of Internet have been leading our young generation to the bottomless pit of moral decadence (অবক্ষয়). 

Blackmailing, virus infection and stealing of information often cause great harm to the users of computers.

The Uses and Abuses of Internet Paragraph

Internet is a powerful tool that can be used for various purposes like education, communication, entertainment and business. 

However, the Internet can be used and abused.  Some people who engage in harmful or illegal activities online. Some of the good uses and misuses of the Internet are:

Internet usage:

Internet can be used to acquire information and knowledge from various tasks and fields.

The Internet can be used to communicate with different cultures and different people, and to form online communities and networks.

Use the Internet to express yourself creatively and artistically and share your ideas and opinions with others.

The Internet can be used to learn new skills and languages, to pursue one’s interests and hobbies.

Internet can be used to increase one’s productivity and efficiency and facilitate various tasks and transactions. 

Abuse of Internet:

Cybercrime can involve misuse of the Internet, such as hacking, fraud, identity theft, and piracy, which pose a threat to digital security and privacy.

Internet abuse can also involve harassing and threatening others online, and spreading hate speech and false information, which causes emotional distress and psychological harm.

The Internet can be misused to access and distribute illegal or harmful content such as pornography, violence and drugs that affect one’s health and morals.

Internet abuse can lead to addiction and dependence, and neglect of one’s responsibilities and relationships, affecting one’s well-being and functioning.

The Internet can be misused to exploit and exploit others online, and to violate their rights and freedoms, affecting one’s dignity and justice.

To prevent Internet abuse, be aware and responsible of one’s online behavior and actions.  It’s important to respect and protect yourself and others online.  Some ways to do this are:

Use strong passwords and antivirus software, and avoid clicking on suspicious links and attachments to protect your devices and accounts from hackers and malware.

Report and block any abusive or inappropriate content or users.  Avoid engaging in online arguments and conflicts to reduce exposure to online harassment and bullying.

Verify the source and accuracy of any information before sharing or believing it, and avoid spreading rumors and misinformation, to prevent the impact and harm of fake news and disinformation.

Limit the frequency of internet usage. Balance other offline activities and interactions to avoid Internet addiction, risk of isolation, and consequences.

Respect the privacy and consent of others online, and do not share or use their personal or sensitive information without their permission to maintain ethical and legal standards of online communication and interaction.

The Internet is a valuable and beneficial resource that enriches and enhances our lives, but it can also be a dangerous and harmful medium that can harm and destroy our lives. Therefore, it is essential to use the Internet wisely, and safely, and avoid misuse of the Internet.

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