A journey by boat composition right choice for class 6 to 12

Compose a 100 to 120-word about a journey by boat composition , incorporating information from the provided questions.

a. Have you made a journey by boat? 
b. When and where did you make it?
c. From where did you start the journey?
d. What’s your feelings about it?
e. What are the sights you enjoyed?
f. When did you reach your destination?

a journey by boat composition for all classes

Bangladesh being a riverine country offers plenty of opportunities for boat travel and in some cases, a boat trip proves to be more enjoyable than a train trip.  Whenever the opportunity arises, I take advantage of it and indulge in the joy of sailing.a journey by boat composition

Last fall vacation me and some friends enjoyed a boat trip to Charandeep on the banks of Karnafulli river.  We went there to attend my friend’s sister’s wedding.  We were five in number.  On the appointed day we started the journey.  We took some simple light food, tea,camera and a guitar and a Yashika with us.

We hired a boat with two seats and a bench.  After breakfast we set off at 8 am, enjoying a pleasant morning with gentle breeze and calm river.  The waves roll in gently, revealing scenic views on either side.  Capturing the beauty, we took pictures of corn fields and encountered various boats, steamers and fishermen’s boats with nets in the water as we navigated through the river.

The river overflowed with water, its mesmerizing sound enthralling us as we saw the bathing ghats where men, women and children enjoyed the refreshing water.  Within this scene, a friend played his guitar while various birds soared above, leaving a lasting impression on us.

As the sun set, a sailor began to sing a ‘Bhatiyali song’.  The evening brings to mind the poetic lines of Keats, revealing the true beauty of the river as the waves dance under the red rays of the setting sun.

At 7pm we reached the wharf, where a friend welcomed us.  We reached his house by 8 pm.  Traveling by boat is fun and enjoyable, refreshing our mind, banishing boredom while bringing joy and expanding our knowledge.

Anyway, it was the most enjoyable trip of my life. I enjoyed it so much that the memory of it will live forever in my mind.

a journey by boat composition for class 11,12

Bangladesh, with its numerous river offers seamless boat trips, enabling travelers to revel in the serene environment.  During last fall break, my friends and I, inspired by our college break, embarked on a well-prepared boat trip.  Hiring a big boat, we gathered our essentials and set off to explore the various places accessible by waterway.

Our adventure began on a bright, sunny day, with a calm and cool atmosphere.  Scattered cloud-covered skies greeted us as we boarded the boat, steered by an experienced helmsman and two skilled oarsmen.  Our journey started at 8:30 pm, the rhythmic sound of the waves echoing the beauty of the calm river creating a melodious melody.

As we passed through the calm waters, boat folk songs filled the air, mingling with the soothing murmur of the river.  The picturesque landscape unfolded before us—open fields, green crops, riverside cottages and groves of trees painted a charming rural scene.  Villagers bathe, fishermen cast their nets, and exotic bird species add to the attraction.  After four hours, we reached a small market, where we cooked and enjoyed a delicious meal, renewing our energy for the on-going journey.

Witnessing the sunset over the river becomes a mesmerizing experience.  The setting sun casts a warm glow, creating a serene transition to twilight.  The river transforms into moonlight as darkness envelops the surroundings, accompanied by dancing waves, rustling trees and the distant sound of fishing boats.  The nocturnal atmosphere was enhanced by the occasional cry of a stray fox.

In our excitement, we lost track of time, only reaching our destination when the boatman announced our departure at around 8pm.  The entire journey was an exhilarating exploration, immersing us in the beauty of the River one  lands ape of Bangladesh.

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