Science in everyday life composition for all class | Easy

science in everyday life composition for class 7 to 12 It is written in such a way that it will be memorized after 4 to 5 times. so let’s get started

Science in everyday life composition

We now live in the age of science. Wherever we look, we see the blessings of science. Science has made our life very easy and pleasant and comfortable. We cannot think of our life in this age without science. 24 hours a day and night we feel the value of science in our daily life.

Communication : Science also plays an important role in communication. Telephone, telegram, telex, fax, wireless, mobile etc. are the most useful inventions of science. Using innovations in modernizing science, we can send or receive news and messages anywhere in the world in seconds.

Entertainment: Science has invented many things for our enjoyment including TV, mobile phone etc. We watch television, radio, mobile phone, tape recorder, gramophone, VCR etc. for pleasure at home. They help us to forget and remove our sorrows, hardships, fatigue and pain.

Medical Science: Science has saved human lives and alleviated human suffering through medical treatment. Science has made better medical system for human being for example science inventions like X-Ray, Penicillin, E.C.G, Ultra-Sonography, Radio-Therapy etc. in medical field. Science has given voice to the dumb and eyes to the blind and hearing to the deaf and legs to the lame. It also reduced the death rate of people.

Science in house : Science plays an important role in our daily life and in the functioning of our homes. Almost everything in our house is a blessing of science. Comb, toothpaste, tooth brush, mirror, pen, clothes, shoes, paper etc. are inventions of science. Electric lights fans TV etc made our home happy.

ITransportation: Science in transportation is a great discovery. We can travel hundreds of miles in a period of time by cars, trains, steamers, buses, airplanes and rockets etc. People have already landed on the moon by rocket. So science has made our journey comfortable, very easy, and fast.

Science in Education: Science in education is another great discovery. Pen factories, paper mills and printing presses enriched the civilization. Newspapers, thousands of books, magazines etc. are being produced every day which helps in the rapid spread of education. We can constantly enrich our knowledge with them.

Bad effects: Scientific discoveries sometimes bring us curses. Constantly we are seriously polluting the air with smoke like: cars, factories etc. which is very harmful to our health. During the war thousands of precious lives were killed by deadly weapons and destroyed villages and towns.

Conclusion: Although science discoveries have some mistakes, they have many importance and virtues in our daily life. The value of science in our life is immense. Science should be used carefully to make our lives easier and happier.

Science in everyday life composition 2

science in everyday life composition
cience in everyday life composition

Science in everyday life composition: We are really lucky to be living in the age of science and technology. Many inventions amazes us at our modern inventions and science helps us at every step of our lives. That’s how it made our lives from hard to easy and troublesome. I woke up listening to the sweet clock. We clean our teeth with brushes and pastes and they keep our teeth strong and germ free.

The tea that we drink in the morning from sleep is also the contribution of science. In other words, most of our lives spent by science, daily newspapers inform us about the news of the world, this is also the product of science. Books also increase our knowledge. One of the examples of electricity science. Electricity is needed in all of us without electricity. We can’t think for a moment without electricity. Mobile phones, TV, refrigerators, radios, heaters, washing machines, etc. make our daily life easy and joyful.

The discovery of the drug cures various difficult deadly diseases. Science has also made a great contribution to surgery, X-rays. Buses, trains, shiffes and planes save us precious time. Pen, ink, paper etc. are making a great contribution to our daily life. We owe it to science for all these things. After the invention of mobiles and computers, communication has become extremely easy.

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