A Good Citizen paragraph for class 5 to 12: 90 to 300 words

(a) What is a good citizen? 
(b) What types of qualities should a good citizend have? 
(c) What are the responsibilities a good citizen paragraph
(d) What does he/she do for the peace and happiness in the society? 
(e) How can he/she develop the condition of a society?

A Good Citizen paragraph 250 words

A Good Citizen paragraph: A good citizen is a person who actively contributes to the well-being of his community and society as a whole. The most appreciable qualities of a good citizen are honesty, a strong sense of responsibility, morality (নৈতিকতা) and civic duty to bring a positive change in society, fellow-feeling for his countrymen, etc.

A good citizen, being a responsible man, carry out his duties and responsibilities to his family, society and country. He pays taxes in time and abides by social rules and regulations. He is respectful to the existing (বিদ্যমান) laws of the country. He. being well- educated and well-informed of the basic things of his country like culture, tradition, moral values. government’s legislative and executive (নির্বাহী) powers, judicial (বিচাৰ) system, basic economic things etc. can take part in constructive criticism and suggest his well-thought or prudent ideas and suggestions.

This can reform, amend and protect the existing system of the country. A good citizen is a civically engaged person who always tries to develop the lifestyle of his community. He. being keenly sensible বিচক্ষণ) and democratic in attitude, always supports the best things. He never becomes involved in anti-social activities.

He is a great patriot, and so he always tries to brighten the image of his country through his glorious activities. He being a follower of righteous (বার্ষিক) অ just way never allows any sort of injustice and criminal activities, So, when he protests any social injustice or dishonest activities, he faces adverse situations and suffers momentarily.

But being honest and courageous (সাহসী), he always overcomes them heroically. He never fears any powers. A good citizen is an asset to his country. Engaged in good activities and supporting positive things, he is useful to his country and countrymen

A Good Citizen paragraph for class 4 to12 150 words

A good citizen

A good citizen is a good man. He/she is also an asset of a country. For a man to be a good citizen a man must have certain good qualities.  One who has interest in education qualifies to be a good citizen. It is a obligatory as it makes him well aware of his duties and responsibilities. In every society there are certain rules and regulations.

These are essential to ensure peace and harmony in a community. A citizen obeys all these laws and wants to ensure happiness and peace in the society. To be a good citizen you have to be a good person. He should develop moral and mental disposition. He should be committed to his own duties and responsibilities.

Good and friendly contact with good people characterises him. Truthfulness, smartness, honesty and reliability are the distinctive ornaments of his personality. He must not do anything negative to the state. As a matter of fact, a good citizen is a person whose thoughts, actions and actions are one step ahead of everyone else to bring him, his country, his society to the path of prosperity and happiness.

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