A tea stall paragraph for all classes 6 to 12 | Easy words

Compose a 100 to 120-word about a tea stall paragraph, incorporating information from the provided questions.

  • a. What is a tea-stall?
  • b. When does it open and close?
  • c. What things are sold there?
  • d. Where is it usually found?
  • e. How is a tea-stall furnished?
  • f. What do the customers do there?
  • g. Why is it important?
  • h. What type of discussion usually takes place there?
  • i. Why is a tea stall called busy place?

300 Words A tea stall paragraph

Water pollution means contamination (দূষণ) of surface and drinking water to the extent that they are harmful to use. Pure water is essential (অত্যাবশ্যক) for health. We cannot think of a day without tea

water. It is the main element (উপাদান) of our body. So, the another name of water is life. People

pollute water in a variety of ways. Chemical fertilizers and insecticides (কীটনাশকসমূহ) are used in the fields by the farmers, Rain and floods wash away some of these chemicals and mix them with the

water of rivers, canals and ponds. Besides these, mills and factories throw their waste into rivers (নারী) for water pollution. Polluted water is in no way safe, Water filled with fiith, dust and germs is

and canals and pollute water. Oil, food and human waste from boats, launches and steamers get mixed with the water of rivers and canals. Many latrines have been constructed on the banks of the river

canals. A number of kutcha drains run into the rivers and canals. These drains carry human waste and filth and let them fall into water. Thus, it is clear that ignorant (a) people are responsible

in every way harmful (ক্ষতিকর) to human life. People get attacked with various waterborne diseases after drinking polluted water. To live a healthy life, we should take all-out measures (পদক্ষেপসমূহ) ৫০- minimize (করিয়ে সর্বনিম্ন পর্যায়ে আনা) water pollution. The first and foremost measure to minimize water

pollution is proper management of all sorts of waste. Farmers have to be made aware of using chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Above all, general people should be made aware (সচেতন) of the

negative effects of polluted water so that they refrain (বিরত থাকা) from polluting water.

A tea stall paragraph

Ans. A tea stall is a place accessible to people of all classes. Tea is made and served with hot water at tea stalls. Here, you can get biscuits, bread, bananas and betel leaves. The shop opens early in the morning and closes late at night. It is usually found at the turn of the road, in the railway station or steamer ghat, near a factory or an office. It is not well-furnished, Even, in some stalls there are no chairs but benches.

A tea-stall has normally two parts. Chairs, tables, and showcases occupy the front part. In the other part there is the kitchen. A boy is employed in a tea-stall. Sometimes, the owner himself serves as the boy and the cashier. Different kinds of people gather there.

They refresh themselves with a cup of tea and discussion different topics. Sometimes they engage themselves with a hot debate on local or international politics. Thus, a tea-stall is a noisy and busy place.

A tea stall paragraph for class 10 to 12

A tea stall paragraph

A tea stall is a serene haven in the streets, where the enticing aroma of freshly brewed tea wafts through the air.  Decorated with tea leaves and cups, these innocuous establishments offer a variety of tea delights for different tastes.  From traditional black and green leaf teas to a variety of blends including aromatic herbs and spices, the teas are exquisite and the aromas from the teas offer a sensory journey for the passerby.  like entering a tranquil oasis with a relaxing atmosphere and the soothing sound of bubbling water.

Skilled tea vendors, with years of expertise, carefully craft each cup, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors.  Sipping tea at a stall transcends the act of drinking;  It is an immersive experience that stimulates the senses and soothes the soul.  

The warmth of the cup, the delicate dance of flavors on the taste buds and the subtle conversation between tea lovers creates a sense of calm and connection.  Apart from being cool havens, tea stalls often evoke a sense of community, serving as gathering places for friends, colleagues and strangers.

These establishments become microcosms of society, bridging the gap and bringing people together through the love of tea.  So, when a moment of relaxation is needed, find a tea stall, let a relaxing drink transport you to a state of serenity, where time slows down and worries fade away.  Immerse yourself in the flavors, embrace the serenity and savor the simple pleasures these tea stalls have to offer. (A tea stall paragraph 250 words)


What is a tea-stall?

A tea stall is a shop found in markets or road junctions near railway stations. The tea stall sells tea as well as banana cake biscuits etc.

When does it open and close?

It is usually open from early morning to late night. But many close the shop early.

What type of discussion usually takes place there?

Discussions here cover a wide range of topics from technology and science to everyday life and entertainment Users often engage in information consultation or casual conversation. Feel free to ask about anything that interests you!

Why is a tea stall called busy place?

A tea stall is often referred to as a busy place as it attracts a constant flow of customers looking for a quick and affordable drink.  The term reflects the lively and busy nature of these establishments, where people gather for conversation, refreshments and a break from their daily routine.

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