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The life of farmer paragraph: A farmer farms or cultivates land for agricultural production. In any agricultural country farmers play a vital role. He may be rich or poor. A farmer lives in a village. He grows crops and keeps animals. He works Very hard, He gets up early in the morning and begins to work in the field.

He takes his plough and He a pair of oxen with him. He continues to work from morning to evening. For him, rain, cold or suns do not matter, much. A farmers leads a very simple are life. Most farmers are very poor. lives in hut and mud houses. His Income very low. He depends on his land and on his animal.

But all the farmers arte not poor. Some of them have big lands and farms. Rains are very important to a farmers. Rain is essential for the growth of good crops. If the farmer can produce a lot of crops, he is very happy. the other hand, if the crops are not good, his sorrows know no bounds There forte, a farmers plays a majors role for the benefit of the society. He contributes a lot to the economy

a farmer paragraph for class 6

A farmer is a person who cultivates land and grows crops. he lives in village. In our country a farmer leads a very simple life. He earns his livelihood by hard labour. He works from morning till. evening. He gets up very early in the morning and goes to his field with his wooden plough [কাঠের লাঙ্গল] and a pair of bullocks.

There are pleasures and pains in his life. He is happy when his crops are good.  But when floods, droughts or cyclones destroy his crops, he is saddened. Though a farmer works hard, he cannot meet the basic needs of his family. He lives from hand to mouth. He also suffers from many diseases.

However, he can improve his condition by taking easy loans and by a planned use of it. In fact, a farmer contributes a lot to the economy of the country. So, we all should come forward to remove their sufferings.

The life of farmer paragraph 200 words

The man who does the work of farming is Known as a farmer. In Bangladesh the life of farmer is not so good. He is illiterate. farmers do not know how to cultivate their land to produce good crops. He lives in a slom. His dress is very shabby. His income is very poor.

He support his family through much hardship, He gets up early in the morning, goes to his land, ploughs it, sows the seeds and weeds out. He come to his a home at noon, and eats his meal and again goes to his land. He is born poor, Sometimes he takes loan from the money leaders.

If the loan cannot be paid, some part of the land has to be sold without asking and the loan has to be paid. A farmer leads a very miserable life. Only sorrow and pain in his life. He cannot enjoy peace and happy ness. If he gets a good harvest, his face smiles. But this opportunity is very pare in his life.

a farmer paragraph for class 9 to 12

the life of farmer paragraph

the life of farmer paragraph: A farmer is a person who earns his livelihood by farming. He grows crops for his family and others. He is a common figure in our country as Bangladesh is an agricultural land. He grows various crops including paddy, wheat, pulses, onions, chillies, oilseeds, sugar etc. He is a hard – working person.

In most of the cases the life of a farmer in Bangladesh is not so easy and comfortable rather full of hardship. Actually, he dose not know what relaxation is. He is to work hard from dawn to dusk to earn more money as well as to maintain his family well. He is to get up in the early morning so that he can get enough time to work.

Sometimes a farmer has to work in the rough weather. If he falls sick his whole family remains in starvation sometimes. Do he works hard, he can not lead a decent life. After so much hardship, when his fields are full of crops, he feels happy. However, droughts, excess rainfall, floods, cyclones etc. often damage crops. As a result, his happiness turns into sadness.

However, a farmer is a very important person for the country. Actually, a farmer has a great contribution to the overall development of the country. So, the government should inspire the farmers by providing good seeds, fertilizers and improved agricultural knowledge. We all should encourage the farmers to continue their noble work of farming as nobody can live without food.[the life of farmer paragraph 300 words]

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