Female Education Paragraph easy for all class: HSC

  • (a) What is the condition of female education in our country? 
  • (b) How can these problems be solved? 
  • (c) What are the reasons behind these barriers? (d) Why is female education important? 
  • (e) What are the barriers on the way of female education paragraph?

Female Education Paragraph 100 words

In today’s era education is very important for everyone. Whether male or female. Today it is very important for everyone to be educated. Today’s era is the age of science. our society can progress only when women are educated. Everyone has a fundamental right to education. After the independence of the country, more emphasis was given on the education of Women

Educating women promotes women empowerment. Today Women are getting educated and working in the biggest positions. Today women are contributing in every field. to make Bangladesh economy 

ically developed and strong, it is necessary for women to be educated. For the progress of the Country, it is necessary for the women to by educated as much as forthe men. To advance Women.

There is a need to become educated. Education alone can instill confidence in Women. It is only when they are educated that they can develop the ability to work successfully in any field. Educated and empowered Linmen also make the country and society powerful.

Female Education Paragraph 200 words

Female education in Bangladesh was not acceptable. In the past, there was a tradition among the people that women would live in the boundary of their houses and they would do only household chores. At that time, women were underprivileged of the light of education.

Even, they could not move freely and could not engage in any voluntary work on account of social superstition. But now this idea has changed but their fate is not fully changed. Cautiously, they are encouraged to study and admitted into madrasahs, colleges and universities. The governments has taken a new step to make the primary and secondary education free for the women.

Yet, many people do not like to send their children to madrasahs, colleges and universities. Our women are lagging behind in education and awareness. Rate of literacy in our country is around 65.5% whereas female literacy is around 30%. An uneducated man is hardly better than a blindman. An educated mother can give us an educated nation.

When we dream of an illiteracy free society, we should think to educate all women first. If the mother is educated, the child will never remain uneducated. An educated woman can also help her family economically. Although the government has made female education free upto Class XII, something more must be done to make all the female education paragraph no time

Female Education Paragraph 300 words

Female Education means the training of a person both mentally and morally, and it should be universal (সর্বজনীন). This should not be limited to men only. Women should also be educated by all means. In a family, a woman plays the most important role. But there are some people who are against women education.

They consider that women are inferior (অধস্তন) to men. They should be confined (আবন্ধ) to the kitchen only. Their duty is cooking, cleaning, washing, giving birth and rearing up children.

But without education, they can’t perform the duties mentioned above efficiently and systematically. I think female education is necessary, because education will enable them to discharge (সম্পাদন করা) their duties quite nicely and decently (শালীনভাবে), It is also necessary from the point of view of child education.

Good or bad character taught by a mother leaves a lasting impression on the character of any child or person. Napoleon said, Give me a good mother, I shall give you a good nation.

Education can make such a good mother. After receiving education, the contribution (অবদান) of a woman at home and society increases. An educated mother certainly brings up her children in an educated manner.

In the present context (প্রেক্ষাপট), female education is most necessary. Now, we live in the competitive world. In the globalized world, to keep pace with the advanced countries, we must educate our women-folk.

Women comprise (গঠন করে) almost half of the total population. If this large section of the population is not educated and does not participate in national activities overall development of the nation is impossible.

To enhance the speed of the development process (প্রক্রিয়া) of the country, we must not keep our women-folk illiterate and unproductive. If these women are given opportunities of developing their intellectual faculties, they will certainly turn into great assets (সম্পদ), And the output of these women will greatly contribute to our national economy. Therefore, female education is necessary for any nation from every point of view (দৃষ্টিকোণ): female education paragraph

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