Importance of Trees in our Life | Easy Words for all Class

Trees are an essential part of our life essential to our existence.  They provide us with two vital necessities of life: food and oxygen.  Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release fresh oxygen, also helping us in various ways.

Importance of trees in our life for class 10

Importance of Trees in Our Life: importance of trees in our daily life can hardly be exaggerated (অতিরঞ্জিত). By planting trees in large numbers, we can maintain the ecological balance to pave the way for our healthy and happy life on earth. Trees are another important factor in creating natural environment.

If in a given area, trees do not exist in adequate proportion to man, animals, soil, air and water, the ecological balance gets disturbed and life becomes difficult or impossible. One of the main sources from which we meet our need for heat energy is firewood supplied by trees. Trees provide us with essential fruits and vitamins in our diet, which fill our dietary deficiencies. 

Humans provide various types of wood for use and these provide shade and shelter to humans. They attract clouds and cause precipitation which halts the desertification process. They prevent soil erosion (land erosion) and make the land fertile. Gives us enchanting views and keeps us happy and joyful. Provides bark and leaves needed for drug preparation.

For this reason, trees are our dearest friends and they are invaluable to us in many ways. There are people who are not aware (সচেতন) of the great benefits that we derive (পাওয়া) from trees. They thoughtlessly (নির্বিচারে) destroy trees and plants so much that our forest areas have become bare. The bad effects of the scarcity of trees have already started showing up.

Thus the plantation of trees in order to cover the gap is essential for our existence. Our government is in a state that is very alive. So every year during the rainy season, the government announces ‘Afforestation Fortnight’ to plant saplings in cities and villages during a specific period.

This movement of afforestation has, by now, gained a momentum. People have become aware of the utility (ব্যবহার) of trees and their economic value. It is the duty of every citizen of Bangladesh to become interested in planting trees. 

The plantation movement must succeed. Not only in the countryside but in towns and cities also people should come forward to join this movement. Every house, school, college, hospital and other institutions should be up and doing to plant various types of trees all the year round in their yards and premises

Importance of trees in our life composition for all class

Importance of Trees in Our Life,
Importance of Trees in Our Life

Trees are an essential part of our life. They provide us with oxygen, food, shelter and many other benefits. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, which is essential for our survival.

They help reduce air pollution by trapping harmful particles and gases. Trees provide shade and help cool the environment, which is especially important in hot climates. They help prevent soil erosion and provide habitat for wildlife.

According to the Nature Conservancy, trees have many benefits for humans. They help remove carbon from the atmosphere, cool our neighborhoods, and filter our water and air 1. Trees improve our physical health and also improve our mental health. A study by a TNC scientist shows that exposure to nature correlates with time and reduced depression.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, trees provide us with wood for food, medicine and buildings. They are an important part of our culture and history and have been used in many ways throughout human history.

In conclusion, trees are an essential part of our life and provide us many benefits. We should take care of them and plant more trees so that future generations can enjoy their benefits.

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